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SMOFcon 29 membership rates increase at end July!

The membership rates for SMOFcon 29, which have held steady since the convention was first announced, will be going up at the end of July to:  €50 / $75 (USA, Canada, Australia) / £45. You can register here.

Registered members who have received login information for our web site should log in to check that their preferred setting for publishing member names online is correct, as we are close to posting our membership list. You might also want to verify the other aspects of your account.

Online registration now open

Our online registration system is now up and running. You can enter your membership details and pay by PayPal or Credit Card (bank transfer and cheque are also available).

We apologise that this has taken longer than we hoped, but to compensate we have extended the current rates until the end of July, so join quick before the rates go up.

Click here to register for SMOFcon 29...

SMOFcon 29 Hotel booking available

Hotel booking is available at There are plenty of rooms available.

Also, remember that the current membership rate is good until end-April!

Amsterdam chosen as venue for SMOFcon 29

Presentations were made for SMOFcon 29 bids from Maui and Amsterdam at this year's SMOFcon in San Jose.

After a vote, Amsterdam was chosen as the site for 2011.

The 2011 committee would like to thank the Maui bid team for being good sports and making us work hard to win the bid.

SMOFcon 29 to be decided in San Jose

The location of SMOFcon 29 will be decided at SMOFcon 28 in San Jose, California on 5 December 2010.

The choices are either Maui or Amsterdam.