About SMOFcon

SMOFcon is an annual convention that focuses on the organisation of science fiction conventions. The first SMOFcon took place in 1984, and most have taken place in the USA.

SMOFcon typically attracts 100-150 attendees, and usually occurs in the first weekend of December, though other dates have been known. The content includes formal and informal sessions covering insights from events held in the previous year, information about the latest trends from the community and external experts, reviews of previous events and feedback to bidders for upcoming events, with a focus on learnings that can be widely shared. A significant number of SMOFcon attendees are also Worldcon organisers and the programme usually includes sessions about the most recent Worldcon and on bids for future Worldcons.

The name of the convention is derived from the word SMOF (also spelled smof), which is an acronym which stands for "Secret Master(s) Of Fandom" and is a term used within the science fiction fan community. Its coining is generally attributed to science fiction author Jack L. Chalker.

About SMOFcon 29

SMOFcon has been held outside the USA only three times before and this will be the first time in the Netherlands and on Continental Europe. It is also the 10th anniversary of the last non-US SMOFcon, which was held in York, UK in 2001.


  • Vincent Docherty (Chair, Hotel)
  • Paul van Oven (Membership, Hotel, Liaison to NCSF)
  • Margaret Austin & Martin Easterbrook (Programming)
  • James Shields (Website)
  • Stephen Cooper (UK Agent)
  • Spike
  • Janice Gelb