SMOFcon 29 Membership List

This is the current list of members of SMOFcon 29. Some members requested we don't list them, so aren't listed here. If you are a member but don't see your name here, it could mean your payment is still pending, or we may not have been sure we could publish your name. Please contact us to check your membership status.

Member Nosort icon Name Country
001 Vincent Docherty Netherlands
002 Paul van Oven Netherlands
003 Margaret Austin United Kingdom
004 Martin Easterbrook United Kingdom
005 James Shields Ireland
006 Spike United States
007 Stephen Cooper United Kingdom
008 Janice Gelb Australia
009 Stephen Boucher Australia
010 Ray Cyrus United States
011 Andrew Adams Japan
012 Gary S. Blog United States
013 Jeff Orth United States
014 René Walling Canada
015 Deb Geisler United States
016 Priscilla Olson United States
017 Mark Olson United States
019 Barbara VanTilburg United States
020 Raymond VanTilburg United States
021 Michael Pins United States
023 Bill Parker United States
024 Ben Yalow United States
025 Patty Wells United States
026 Robert MacIntosh United States
027 John T. Sapienza United States
028 Helen Montgomery United States
029 Tom Veal United States
030 Todd Dashoff United States
031 Joni Brill Dashoff United States
032 Mike Willmoth United States
033 Ruth Lichtwardt United States
034 Mike Scott United Kingdom
035 Flick United Kingdom
036 Tony Parker United States
037 Judith Bemis United States
038 Ian E. Stockdale United States
039 Ruth Leibig United States
040 Jan Ent, van 't Netherlands
041 Larry Putte, van der Netherlands
042 Ann Totusek United States
043 Michelle Broadribb United Kingdom
044 Lewis P. Bear United Kingdom
045 Rachael Livermore United Kingdom
046 Catherine Crockett United States
047 Farah Mendlesohn United Kingdom
048 Colin Harris United Kingdom
049 Jaap Boekestein Netherlands
050 David Gallaher United States
051 James Stanley Daugherty United States
052 Kathryn Daugherty United States
053 Liz Zitzow United Kingdom
054 Arwen Grune Netherlands
055 Ilana Grune Netherlands
056 Mr Hodkinson Netherlands
058 Glenn Glazer United States
059 Mark W. Richards United States
061 Rita Medany United Kingdom
062 John Medany United Kingdom
063 Peter De Weerdt Belgium
064 Sjef van Gaalen Netherlands
065 Carolina Gomez Lagerlöf Sweden
066 Leane Verhulst United States
067 Steve Huff United States
068 Crystal Huff United States
069 Rick Kovalcik United States
070 Kent Bloom United States
071 Mary Morman United States
072 Mark Meenan United Kingdom
073 Mike McMillan United States
074 Sue Edwards United Kingdom
075 Dave Tompkins United Kingdom
076 Kate Kligman United States
077 Terry Fong Canada
079 William Laubenheimer United States
080 Carole Parker United States
081 Johan-Martijn Flaton Netherlands
082 Kees van Toorn Netherlands
083 Seth Breidbart United States
084 Erwin van Ballegoy Netherlands
085 Heidi van der Vloet Netherlands
086 Marah Searle-Kovacevic Canada
087 Jukka Halme Finland
088 Sharon Sbarsky United States
089 Diane Lacey Canada
091 Jane Dennis United States
092 Scott Dennis United States
096 Esther Pinkert-Wijnbeek Netherlands
097 Gareth Kavanagh Ireland
098 Tony Naggs United Kingdom
099 Mårten Svantesson Sweden
100 Eddie Cochrane United Kingdom
101 Robbie Bourget United Kingdom
102 John Harold United Kingdom
103 Theresa Renner United States
105 Sten Thaning Sweden
106 Claire Brialey United Kingdom
107 Mark Plummer United Kingdom
108 Christopher Hwang Singapore
109 Kathryn Duval United States
110 Eemeli Aro Finland
111 John Brown United Kingdom
112 Abubakar Seidu United States
113 Stephen Davies United Kingdom
114 Giulia De Cesare United Kingdom
116 Shana Worthen United States
117 Jane Nicholson United Kingdom
118 Zoe Sumra United Kingdom
119 Misha Sumra United Kingdom
120 Borys Sydiuk Україна
121 Maryna Komissarenko Україна
122 Martin Hoare United Kingdom
123 Mark Randall United Kingdom
124 Dermot Dobson United Kingdom
125 Robin van Steenbergen Netherlands
126 Jesi Lipp United States
127 James Bacon Ireland